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we will never forgetBob Dunsire's Bagpipe Web Directory

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What have we here?

Here you'll find the most comprehensive and the largest list of bagpiping sites on the web. If it is related to bagpipes (of any type) you'll find a current link to it here. If you know a piping web site that is not listed, and you are connected with the organization, please let us know: Dunsire Admin


Since Bob's Passing, the directory has been under the control of various people but has settled on Ken MacKenzie for now. Updates will be made at least bi-monthly and more often if the numbers are high. All questions, concerns, and updates should be sent to:  Dunsire Admin 

(Thanks!) Directory visitors from around the world help us, sending new and changed links, finding problems, offering suggestions and more. Please read this  if you're sending us a new link.

About the Directory:
We do this for fun. Here We (simply?) try to list all piping related web sites, in a clean and efficient manner. (Still working on that)

Piping Photo of the Day
Piping Photo Of the DayNow retired.  All five years are in the PPOD Archive.   We now have the Photo Gallery Forum where you can share your photos. There is also a new PPOD like site where you can submit photos, Piperazzi, run by Ken MacKenzie

About Bob:
It's Bob!1953 - 2006
Bob Passed on Nov 6 2006. We will continue his work as best we can.

"I love piping, it is a big part of our family life, and I am just trying to help in my own way. As you can see, I have great fun playing with web pages."

Visit the "Bob's Pages" section of this Directory to see links to some of my piping web sites."

Discussion Forums

For piping, drumming, dance, history, music, and a lot more, there is a civil and friendly place for discussion. Take a look at the most popular piping destination on the Net click to visit the  Forums

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