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Pipe Band Drummming

"The Ardle Collection" of Scottish Drum Beatings (UK)
Beat of the Highlands David Warner (Premier drums, gossip)
Drum Major Information
Drum Major (Andre Du Bois)
Drum Major from East Hills Scouts
Drum Major Web Page  (Susan Stewart)
The Drummer's Nest (Bass & Tenor) - European PB drumming
Drum Note PRO - drum score writing software
The Drum Room - message board forum
DrumScriobh2 -drum scores
Farquhar Drumming Supplies - Scotland
Flint Percussion - UK 
Gaelic Snare Drum Tutor - book for sale
Global Percussion - Australia
Neckbone Graphics - Drum head graphics
Mark Humphrey's Highland Drumming Supplies
Mulligan & MacHendry's Pipeband Drumming Supplies (Matt Carter)- instruction,+
Parade Shine - Drum Major from WUSPBA
Pipe Band Dummers in the West Bank Palestine (Isreal)
Regimental Drum Major Association
Regimental Drummer - Scotland?
TG Drumming - Scotland   (Tom & Gordon Brown) Tyler Fry - tenor guy 
WoodshedPercussion - Ohio  Hardcorps Practice Pads

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PB Drum (+ more) Makers:

Andante Drums -UK  
Flint Percussion - UK 
Jim Kilpatrick Percussion - UK
Pearl Drums 
Premier Percussion .com UK
Robert Mead Malllets & Drumming Supplies - Maryland
TG Drumming  (Tom & Gordon Brown)
Twisted Thistle -  (Bass Drum mallets)
TyFry (Tenor mallets)

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Drum Schools /   Instructor / Instruction:

Gary Smyth Mid Ulster Drumming School   Northern Ireland
Come2Drum (James Laughlin) - Online Drumming Lessons and more.
Parade Shine Instructor's List (WUSPBA Drum Majors)
Glen Rodgers Drumming on-line - New Zealand
Steve Roy (Washington State)
Tom Foote School of Drumming (Ontario)

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