Forum Cap Badge / Pin

If this appear to be about 2.5 inches tall, it is close to life size

$16 USD

lifesizea.jpg (13614 bytes)

Sold out
(hand painted, 8 colors)

Shipping / mailing will be done using USPS Priority Mail @ $4.00

If your address is not in the USA, please add one of the following:

$2 additional for Priority Mail to Canada:
$4 additional for Priority Mail to the UK
$5 additional for Priority Mail to other locations.
For info on how to order Email Here for information.

Latest Status:
Painted badges are all sold (June 30, 2005) - I don't plan on having any more at this time..

Click on thumbnail below to see a large version of the image/

tn30CE1579.jpg (5246 bytes) tn30CE1584.jpg (5332 bytes) tn30CE1588.jpg (6020 bytes) tn30CE1580.jpg (4202 bytes)

The Polished / Oxidized badges will be shipped from Texas, and will take two to three weeks to get to you. (They are made to order)

since December 17, 2003

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