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Alexis MacIsaac
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   I have to admit - I'm a total sucker for any type of music that combines piping with the piano and the violin.  Therefore, I knew from the moment I stuck this CD into my CD player that I was going to like it.
   There are 13 tracks on this CD - all of which are very well done.   The very first track starts the CD off to an awesome start.  Alexis' playing is amazing, and very beautiful.  Her selections for each track are awesome - all great tunes, and all played by one good musician.
   She features Duncan Gillis as her bagpiper, and they all did a really good job of incorporating the pipes.  Track 12, probably my favorite because it's so high tempo and fun - it  has "Clumsy Lover" (by Neil Dickie) at the end, and they combine the fiddle, the pipes, and the piano for this one tune, and I think it genius.
   Alexis also step dances on track six - very cool.  Not only that, but she sings "The Parting Glass" (track 13), and has a very pretty voice.
   We just got this CD in the mail today, and I have been listening to it over and over again for the past three hours.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys celtic style music, and beautiful violin playing.