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City of Blacktown Pipe Band
"Guilty as Charged"
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Review by Karl Ashman

     The CD starts off with a piece called "Shamrock Shores", a nice introduction to the CD that gives the listener an idea of what to expect for the next hour. The next few tracks are straight pipe band pieces which are enjoyable, but not a standout - that is reserved for the bands rendition of "The Dark Isle."
     This version is just great; with the singing and piping working together beautifully, it is easily the highlight of the album, in a traditional sense. Another song that impressed me was "Puirt a Buel - Mouth Music". The combination of the singing and the drumming has a real WOW factor that you can't miss.
     The title Track "Guilty As Charged" is a collection of songs linked together to tell a tale of one of the first convicts brought to Australia. The concept works, but personally I think there isn't enough variation in the style of the tunes - they all seem to be hornpipes or reels. Maybe a air or something else could have broken it up a little?     The real surprise for me was the inclusion of a re--mix track called "Captain Celtic." Whoever did this little gem should be congratulated. It is the first time I've heard of a re-mixed pipe band tune anywhere, and it is very good!
     Overall I liked this CD, it has some interesting things and some really good things on it,go out and buy it and decide for yourself