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Chris Armstrong
"Quantum Leap"
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     Chris Armstrong's second CD, Quantum Leap, is, in one word, amazing.  The CD starts off with a set called "The Barachios," which is a collection of some reels written by Chris Armstrong himself.  Most of the other tracks on the CD are like this first one - full of back-up instruments like the acoustic guitar, keyboards, and wind synthesiser.
      The few tracks that aren't so 'modern' (marches, strathspeys, and reels on highland pipes only) are great, too.  Chris has great hands - and he shows this in the more "traditional" tracks.  The neat thing about this CD is that Chris wrote all but one of the tunes on the CD!
     The very last track, "Quantum Leap" is my favorite track.  It's an awesome tune that Chris wrote when he was 19.  There are seconds and thirds, and he plays the parts so fast, it's amazing.
     This is a great CD, and a definite must-have.