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Jack Lee
"The World's Greated Pipers Vol. 15"
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     Jack Lee's first (and so far only) solo CD is amazing.   If you've ever heard Jack play, you'd expect a CD of this quality to be something he'd make.
     Jack starts the CD with three well-known 6/8s, The Heights of Cassino, Meg MacRae, and Cameron MacFadyen.  Jack's style of playing 6/8s is extremely musical.
     The next track is the MSR that he played at the 1981 Northern Meeting, Inverness (where he won the Silver Star).  Bonnie Ann, Cameronian Rant, and The Little Cascade in one MSR like this, is... incredible.  It just makes you wish that you could play like him.
     Jack's playing is perfect.  His pipes sound great (and it's hard to get a good recording of the bagpipes).  I'd recommend this CD to anyone who wants some great inspiration for piping.