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Manawatu Scottish Society Pipe Band
"The Calling"
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Review done by Craig Gerbich

     Great CD - the first track (called "Hard Earth") starts off with a nice slow air, followed directly by a wee strathspey called "Annie Grant," then finishes with some sweet reels, that really show off the tone and steadiness of the players.
     Track two starts off with a solo, a slow air called "What A Wondrous Love Is This," then the band cranks into the rest of the set with nice, crisp chanters and awesome drumming!
     Track six would be my personal favorite - a solo by PM Stuart McKenzie - totally awesome sound!!
     The rest of the tracks follow the same sort of manner...a few jigs and reels - even a wee sample of shuttle piper (by PM McKenzie).
     Tracks 3 and 10 have a musical MSR and medley, respectively.   This band has got the best tone and crispness of chanters that I have heard, next to Victoria Police.