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Nunawading Pipe Band
"Wizards from Oz"
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     This is an awesome CD.  I got it from my friend RJ, who just happens to be a member of the band now.  The playing on it is amazing, especially Danny Boyle's solo.  Minus two squaks I heard, the pipes sound relatively good, considering I was told the tuning room and the stage were totally different temperatures.
     I would totally recommend this CD to anyone who is having Victoria Police PB withdrawls - not only does the entire CD sound like Vic Police reincarnated, but many of the players are old Vic Police members.  Lots of electric quitars / drum kits / didgeridoos incorporated into the music.  Also, if you like Suites - they do "Steam Train to Mallaig" - very, very cool.  I'd also say that the medley they play is quite awesome, with Emancipation (part of it) as the ending tune, and La Baum as the slow aire - I just think those are some rockin' tunes.
     I'm not sure if this CD is available an any stores other than in Australia...?  But contact Nunawading PB if your interested - their website's http://www.nunapb.com.