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Victoria Police Pipe Band
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     Victoria Police's CD, Masterblasters, is one of my favorite pipe band CDs.  There are so many good tracks on this CD.
     Masterblasters starts out with "Me Clootch is Awee!", a set with three really awesome tunes, all written by Mark Saul.  This track is basically how all the other tracks are - very modern, and filled with back-up instruments like electric and acoustic guitars and a didgeridoo.
     My favorite track on the CD is the very last one, entitled "Top Deck In Perth", with the composer, Murray Blair, doing a solo.  This has an electric guitar in it, and it sounds really great.
     The only down side to the CD, in my opinion, is the more "trad" sets (the medley, 6/8s) - and this just because they don't have the back-up instruments like the other tracks, therefore they don't seem to fit.
     Vic Police had great pipers in the band - and Masterblasters shows this.  This CD was actually the first pipe band CD I bought for myself, and it was worth it.  Check it out!