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Some basics about yours truly...
Email: peebrockplayer@starband.net
MSN: eldu2004@hotmail.com

Name: Elizabeth Dunsire
Nicknames: Liz, Izzie, Lizzy, Wiz, Liz-Bob, Lizard, Dink (by my sister)
Family: Bob (as in bobdunsire.com), Diana, and sister Alison
Pets: Sheltie named Mister and Border Collie named Sparc
Age: 18
Grade/School: first year @ Western Washington University
Things I do: play the pipes, listen to pipe music, play the drum pad, go to piping events, travel, go-cart, draw, write, design websites, and go to school
Instructor: Jack Lee
Solo grade: 1
Band/grade: Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band, grade 2
Favorite pipers: Jack Lee, Stuart Liddel, Jori Chisholm, Chris Armstrong, Alan Bevan, Mike Cusack...
Favorite pipe bands: SFU, Field Marshall, Shotts, Vic Police (back in the day)
Favorite books: "A Childe Called It" by Dave Pelzer / "How to be Canadian (Even if You Already are One)" by Will & Ian Ferguson [my dad's cousins] / "Deliver Us From Evil" by Sean Hannity
Favorite movies: "Bloody Sunday" / "Remember the Titans" / "Pearl Harbor" / "The Last Castle" / "Hart's War" / "Harry Potter" movies / "Lord of the Rings" trilogy / "Signs"
Favorite quote: "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do."