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Bagpiping is a very big part of our family life. Although I am no longer physically able to play the pipes, I've remained active in the piping community. I've created quite a few piping related web pages, occasionally I teach piping, both daughters are pipers, and my wife is a pipe band tenor drummer. Our family vacations and activities usually are centered around piping events. Here you can read a 'bit' about our piping family.

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To the left is a picture of me 'on the boards' in Antigonish Nova Scotia, summer 1995,  for judge John Walsh (of  Shuttle Pipe fame).  Competing in Nova Scotia -we did it, all pipers should I think - it is memorable.

His umbrella was needed, for wind, rain, and sun - all within minutes of each other. Truly amazing weather.  Imagine immigrants going back home to Scotland because the climate in Nova Scotia was so severe.  We loved the place! (But is was summer)

I have quite a few bagpipe related web pages, here are a few family related:

Alison Dunsire - a piper (created 8/00)

Elizabeth Dunsire - a piper (created 8/00)

Teaching the young piper - information for parents of young (+ potential) pipers

AEJ Pipe Band - just for fun

 Since 1998: visitors!

Diana (wife, mother and tenor drummer).

qt99.jpg (6275 bytes)The photo to the right was taken during a pipe band competition - summer 1999. Although it may not look like the case, she actually loves this stuff.

Diana  played with the Robert Malcolm Memorial Senior (Grade 2) Pipe Band as a Tenor drummer in 1999, and 2000. She decided to 'retire' for the 2001 year in order to enjoy more of the parental 'thing' - Daughters Alison and Liz play in the same (juvenile) band - and this will be the last time that will happen for a while. Alison will move on up at the end of this season..

The picture to the left is from Monterey  Games of 1997.  Diana was  competing solo.  Piper / daughter Alison was a part of this mini-band created for solo tenor competition.

Diana was the WUSPBA 'champion of champions' in Grade 1 tenor drumming in 1996.  She also competed solo through 1997, but  ended her solo competition after that season.


The picture to the right  is from Pleasanton's 1996 massed bands, where the LA Police Department (Grade 2) Pipe Band Bass section has just been announced as winner of the games best Bass section. That was Diana's first year (actually only year) in that band, and they won this award at the most important contest of the year.. She is still happy about it.

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Bob  - I was forced to 'retire' from all forms of bagpipe playing in 1996.  I've had three four (May 2001 was latest)  surgeries on my spine (3 cervical spine, and 1 lumbar spine), and the  degenerative problems still exist - so no more piping for me... heck, these days I am happy just to walk.. (It is amazing how this can happen).

The picture to the right is a very fond memory now: Costa Mesa 1996 - Alison  (11 at the time) won grade 3 Piobaireachd, I won Grade 2 Piobaireachd.

BTW - count the hands in the photo... there is a very funny story here..

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