Elizabeth Dunsire -  (a piper - age 14 summer 2000)

Our family loves piping and pipe bands. This web page is specifically about our daughter Liz, and her piping. I'm her dad, and one way I keep myself busy is playing with web pages.  Liz's portion of my family bagpipe page was getting quite large, so I've decided to separate this into its own web page.

Liz was a drummer when she was10, this photo is from 1996.

Here is an index into this web page:

1996 - 10, competed as a Snare Drummer
1997 - 11, competed as a Snare Drummer (G3), and Piper (G4)
1998 - 12, Piper - Grade 4 - WUSPBA Grade 4 March Champion
1999 - 13, Piper Grade 3
2000 - 14, Piper Grade 3 - WPA Grade 3 Winter Aggregate Champion
..........................................BCPA, Grade 3 Aggregate, runner up
.........................................2001 - 15 year old Piper - Grade 2 - BCPA Grade 2 Grand Aggregate winner
.................................................................................. member of 2001 World Juvenile Champions - RMMPB
........................................2002 - 16 year old Piper - Grade 1

And some tunes from Liz:

Competition 6/8 Marches - George Sherriff 2002   (16 years old)
Fireboy - pipes, 12 years old
Death of a Space Piper - pipes, 14 years old
St. Niniam's Parish  (I think)- pipes, 14 years old

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Year 2002

aIMG_5894.jpg (32396 bytes)Yes I am late in adding this update for Liz's 2002 piping year (Nov) - But her season is just now complete. 

Liz started her first year in Grade 1 in 'style' - she won the Grade 1 class at the BCPipers Annual Gathering,  she also won the BCPA Winter Mini Gatherings overall, and from those wins she was invited to both the Nicol-Brown in Connecticut in October, and the George Sherriff in Ontario in November. 

The photo is Liz playing at the George Sherriff, in Hamilton Ontario. Liz  considers this event to be the highlight of her solo career (to date). You can (?)  imagine how proud the old dad was.. Just  the top 12 amateur pipers in all of North America are  invited to these contests, and Liz was one of them (!). I had the dream that one day Liz would have a chance to compete in both of these contests - they were such a highlight of her sister's amateur career.. and Woo Hoo!!

Liz played very well at  both events, she (and I) was very happy with her playing -  she finished 5th in the 6/8 Marches at both events. (I've added an MP3 of the Sherriff 6/8s too). It was so much fun, and so memorable that she is already making plans for next year.

Throughout the solo summer Liz was consistent - usually in the prizes, and improving all the time. Considering this was her first year in Grade 1, she did remarkably well - finishing the year a close 3rd in the Grand Aggregate standing too.   And for her dad it is funny.. a couple of years ago Liz's sister moved out of the Grade 1 class, to the relieve of many in the grade.. and now .. Liz is on the scene..

Band  - she is still with (and loving it) the Robert Malcolm Memorial PB - and they are planning a trip to Scotland in 2003, to compete for the Juvenile World Championship (again).. Oh boy..

Year 2001:

Liz in Mt. Vernon Liz was highly motivated this year, and her solo results showed this (she did very well).

Liz was quite clearly at the top of the BC Pipers Association Grade 2 class, winning the season long Grand Aggregate  for Grade 2 - with twice the points of the runner up,  she started the season winning her class at the BC Pipers Annual Gathering, and continued with excellent results through the summer.

Liz was promised (years ago) a great set of bagpipes if (IF) she made it to grade 1 for solos.  She wanted to leave no doubt that she deserved the bagpipes, and the promotion to Grade 1.. (They have been ordered, Sept 2001 - now if I can only figure out how to pay for them)

In the photo to the left (taken July 2001), Liz is competing in the Mt. Vernon (Skagit) Highland Games - because the particular event ran late, she has changed out of her solo uniform, and into her band uniform. Liz wears an Ancient Buchanan for solos (normally)

Liz was a corner piper in her sister's band (Alison was the Pipe Major I mean) - the Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band.  The band went to Scotland to compete in the World Pipe Band Championship, and they won in their class. Liz counts this as the happiest day of her young life (I loved it too!)

Year 2000: lizqm00.jpg (10437 bytes)

Liz  plays my old set of Grainger (circa 1970) bagpipes, and a Naill solo chanter.  

The photo to the left was taken Feb. 2000, at the Queen Mary piping competition, in Long Beach California.

Solo Year: Considerable progress has been made in piping skills this season and Liz has been highly motivated (I think Jack Lee, her teacher, has helped a great deal here). 

The BC Pipers' Grade 3 Grand Aggregate (season long tracking) consisted of 24 events in 9 Highland Games - going into the final event, on the final day, of the final competition, Liz was in a two way tie for first - the Jig event would decide the Grand Aggregate winner, and.... . Liz finished second for the season (just two points behind the winner - whew).. Liz was in the prizes 18 times in the 24 events in which she has competed this outdoor season. She was the most consistent prize winner n her Grade.

The Washington Pipers' recognise their top winter series winners (5 events over the winter of 99/00), and Liz won the WPA Aggregate for Grade 3. 

So ...First in the WPA for Grade 3, Second in the BCPA for Grade 3 - she's moving up to Grade 2! (I've promised her a great set of bagpipes if she gets to Grade 1 - she wants 'em.)

2000 Band Year - Liz plays in the RMM Band, where her sister is the Pipe Major. Lots of fun.

1999: aliz99.jpg (15983 bytes)This photo was taken in our back yard during the summer of 1999.   Elizabeth is on the left, Alison on the right - wearing their Ancient Buchanan solo kilts.

Elizabeth joined her sister's band (Robert Malcolm Memorial PB ) during the fall of 1999.

Solo Season: Liz moved up to Grade 3 for the 1999 solo season. 

She has consistently been in the prizes in the March event, but  still has a fair bit  work to do on  Strathspey / Reel, and Piobaireachd.  Liz is starting to work fairly hard, and next year should see  better results.

Band Year:

Liz played with the Northwest MacGregor Pipe Band for the 1998 / 1999 season.   This was the first year of competition for the Northwest MacGregor Pipe Band, and they did quite well in Grade 4 - often finishing in the top half of the class.  Grade 4 in the BCPA is quite competitive with Juvenile bands, where as  many as 6 have competed at a single Highland Games.

1998 Solo Year: Elizabeth competed solo during 1998 in Grade 4.  (WUSPBA and BCPA).  In both associations she has proven to be quite good with her 2/4 march (usually finishing 1st or 2nd - in classes as large as 58 players), and often appearing in the prize list in her slow march too. She is learning Piobaireachd, Strathspeys, Reels, and band tunes.

The photo to the right was taken at Enumclaw, summer 1998, the outdoor season ending   event for the BCPA.

Liz  moved up  to grade 3 for solo for the 1999 season.

1997 Solo Year:

This picture to the left  was taken at her first solo piping contest - Campbell CA. games, summer 1997. As I recall Elizabeth finished in the lower third of the Grade 4 class in piping, and she finished in the prizes  (2nd) in grade 3 snare drumming.

In 1997 Elizabeth started 'getting serious about' playing the pipes (having watched with some envy, I believe, the money her sister was making in solo piping jobs).  In her third piping contest she won the WUSPBA grade 4 piping championship 2/4 March - in a class of 21 players  that was not divided by age. She may be able to live up to her sister's standard.

Elizabeth competed in Grade 3 snare drumming for the  first half of 1997,  then she competed in two contests in both piping and drumming, and now she plays and competes on the pipes only.



1996 Solo Year:

In 1996 Elizabeth competed solo in grade 3 snare drumming. She was a 'middle of the pack' solo drummer, but she enjoyed it. I loved it because I was able to participate with both daughters.

In the picture to the left, (from Campbell CA games 1996) Elizabeth is warming up with her pipers, (her dad and Alison), prior to her solo competition.



I was Elizabeth's first piping teacher.
Her sister Alison was her teacher too.
Jori Chisholm (SFU PB)
Jack Lee is now her teacher.

1998 Mastery of Scottish Arts School - WA USA
1999 Piping Hot Summer Drummer School in BC
2000 Piping Hot Summer Drummer School in BC.

The Fireboy

Would you like to hear Liz playing (on the pipes 11/98)  her grade 3 solo Jig. Alison wrote this for her during the winter of 98/99 - so she would have a unique tune for competition. Recorded with our $3 PC microphone.

It is 174K WAV for about 1 minutes 30 seconds of music -  Liz was yet to come up to speed when we recorded this.

St. Niniams Parish I think.

One of more than a dozen tunes she learned at the Piping Hot Summer School in 2000. Recorded July 2000 - $3 mic.

193K MP3 - for 1 minute 5 seconds of music

Death of a Space piper

This was a project that took  Liz a couple of hours. Listening to our friend Adam Quinn on the SFU Live at Carnegie Hall CD.  She wrote the music down, and I convinced her to play it for me. Recorded July 2000 - $3 mic.

224K MP3 for 1 min 10 seconds of music.