Photo of the Day - Wednesday

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This photo?
Also from Bellingham - the annual SFU / RMM bands group photos (taken by the ol' Bob). There were 24 bands at the Bellingham Games, 6 of them are part of the SFU/RMM family, as seen here. (In case you wondered why so many of the photos I show from the Pacific Northwest are of folks wearing the Ancient Clan Fraser tartan).
Bands from top left - RMM G3, RMM G4, RMM G5, second row, from left - SFU, RMM G2, RMM Alumni (G3) - and then all of 'em.
sfurmmallbands6.jpg (101956 bytes)

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Unless noted otherwise, all of these photos were taken, and modified for this web page, by Bob Dunsire.