Photo of the Day - Monday

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This photo?
We're into the last two weeks of the PPOD - and for these I will be sharing a   sampling of photos I took at the Feb 3rd 2006  Masters of Scottish Arts Concert held at the beautiful Benaroya Hall in Seattle.  As the concert's "official photographer" I took 269 photos, and now I have whittled (?) them down to just 50 or so I'll that I'll share (later) in an online album.

So many photos, so little time - this week there are actually 12 photos in the 7 days ....

Starting with a panorama taken from our seats, as the concert hall filled.  Click on the image for a larger sized version.

hallinsidemed.jpg (195692 bytes)

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Unless noted otherwise, all of these photos were taken, and modified for this web page, by Bob Dunsire.