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This photo?
Thanks to Norm McDonald for this one (also see Sunday's photo):
"a photo of the Knightswoood Juvenile Band from 1962. It was great to meet Gordon again a just a few years we have changed a wee bit but we are happy to be in the pipe band world that is such a large brotherhood and sometimes gives us the opportunity to meet in exotic places like Argentina.
Some of the names and other bands where people played from the photo of the Knightswood Juvenile Band 1962
Back Row
third left Norm / Norrie McDonald, Renfew, Muirheads, Scottish Link Brazil.
fourth left Gordon Craig, Clan McCrea, Dumbarton, Glasgow Skye.
right side David Bruce, Renfrew, Muirheads, BCAL

Front Row
first left PM Jack Crichton
second left Graeme St Clair, Renfrew
fifth left Bob Richardson, Muirheads, BCAL,
Robert Nichol RSPBA, Jimmy Melvin, teacher, Clan MacLean band (1930's)"
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