August press release, from SFU: (photos from BD)


Simon Fraser University's pipe band is back on top of the world after clinching first place at the world championship competition in Glasgow, Scotland on Aug. 11.

The win marks the fourth first-place trophy for the Grade one band. Meanwhile, the band's junior contingent, the Robert Malcolm Memorial pipe band, secured the top spot in the Juvenile category. The win marks the second championship for the young performers and the second double win for SFU at the competition. Both bands also took firsts in 1999.a118-1834_IMGt.jpg (4155 bytes)

SFU pipe band manager Rob MacNeil said the competition for the Grade one band was initially close between four bands, including SFU. The 30-member band, competing against 20 other bands, finished second after "a reasonable run " with its first performance, a march, strathspey and reel. But the band "really blew everybody away and cemented the win" during the second part of the competition, the medley, says MacNeil . A first-place finish in the medley boosted the band to its first-place finish overall. Scottish rival Shotts and Dykehead finished second while Northern Ireland's Field Marshall Montgomery took third.

world2001t.jpg (3908 bytes)The 25-member junior band has only competed twice previously, taking first in 1999 and placing second in 1997. "It was a powerful win for the kids," says MacNeil, noting they defeated a band from Texas that has never lost in world competition. The Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band was created in memory of pipers Robert Barbulak and Malcolm Bokenfohr, both killed in a car accident in 1993.

More than 200 bands performed in various competitions held at Glasgow Green, a famous park in the centre of the city. Despite being a damp day more than 45,000 spectators reportedly took in the performances.

Jack Lee pulled off a rare double at the prestigious piobaireachd competition at the annual Argyllshire Gathering, Oban. Playing against the world's best young up-and-coming players, Jack won his first Gold Medal at Oban. This win made him eligible to compete in the Senior Piobaireachd later that same day against the best in the world. (actually, he had qualified for the Senior based upon his Gold medal win in Inverness in 1981 - ED) Once again, Jack triumphed and came home with the win. The top prizes at Oban had eluded him for years but Jack has now closed the circle -- he has won every major solo piping competition in Scotland and the 'Americas'. Jack is truly one of the great Masters of piping.

Jori Chisholm took the "A" March at Oban;

Colin Clansy took the "A" Sstrathspey and Reel.

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High River Highland Games
August 25, 2001
Highwood High School
High River, Alberta

(Many thanks to Dan Lidgren for compiling and sending these to me)

Grade IV
2/4 March
1. Zephan Knichel
2. Patrick Vallance
3. Debbie Morton
4. Justin Miles
5. Michael McLetchie

Slow Aire
1. Patrick Vallance
2. Justin Miles
3. Collin Quarrie

Aggregate: Patrick Vallance

Grade III
2/4 March
1. Duncan Barnhardt
2. Matthew Pryor
3. Glenn Eberth
4. Chris Rae

1. Duncan Barnhardt
2. Matthew Pryor
3. Weston Myatt

Aggregate: Duncan Barnhardt

Grade II
1. Jonathan Graham
2. Colin MacDonald
3. Sharon Ludlow

1. Rob McGonigal
2. Jonathan Graham
3. Mike Shiells
4. Colin MacDonald

Aggregate: Jonathan Graham

Grade I
1. Daniel Lidgren
2. Ross Barker

1. Daniel Lidgren

Aggregate: Daniel Lidgren

Novice Piobaireachd
1. Justin Miles
2. Emma MacPherson
3. Gordon Conn

Junior Amateur Piobaireachd
1. Duncan Barnhardt
2. Dean Rodger
3. Lynn Moffat

Senior Amateur Piobaireachd
1. Daniel Lidgren
2. Ross Barker

Grade IV Side
1. Courtland Herron
2. Matt Vallance
3. Colin Van de Reep

Grade III Side
1. Christopher Graham

Grade III Tenor
1. Madison Neil

Grade IV
1. Rocky Mountain
2. Ogden Legion "B"
3. Ogden Legion "A"

Grade III
1. Calgary Scottish
2. Calgary Highlanders
3. Ogden Legion "A"

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