November 10, 2001: Port Coquitlam

Wow- what a day! Long, productive, and memorable.  But..

Didn't we just return from Scotland a couple of months ago?  (yes)
Aren't the bills for those trips still being paid? (whew.. YES!) 
How can a new piping season be starting again ... so quickly?  (??)

It really doesn't matter, does it? The new season HAS begun.. 

Here we go..

Off to Port Coquitlam - To Pitt River Middle School (A few years back  I went to this school  35 years ago! I remember it named Mary Hill Secondary, and each visit brings back many memories.. strange..)

webIMG_3830.jpg (7911 bytes)webIMG_3831.jpg (7218 bytes)The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the BC Pipers'  started very close to the 12:30 scheduled time.   This meeting was quite well attended (a comment suggested it was one of the largest ever), and (IMHO) the meeting was efficient and productive - perhaps knowing the Mini Gathering was looming next helped..

I'm guessing that adding more details here would be not all that interesting(?).. However, as is the plan, a new Board of Directors was elected, and I will have photos of each on the BCPA web site shortly.  (BTW - I took the photos in my "portable studio" - it is simply a matter of processing time (digital) now.)

In the photos above the assemble group is listening to a report presented by Bob McIlwayne, one of the Trustees of the Association.

webaIMG_3909.jpg (12561 bytes)The first Mini Gathering of the 2001 - 2002 Season and I was very busy with my new Photography Venture (Nine Note Photography)  If  people are interested (please let me know) I will attend piping events setup to take posed photos.  On this day I setup a little studio like backdrop and lighting at the school, and there I spent most of the afternoon - clicking away.. using up electrons..

In a just-for-fun pose,  Katie Macpherson with the trophies her band won in Scotland this past summer.

As a result of my activities related to taking these formal photos I was not able to pay too much attention to the Mini Gathering, but I did hear comments that this was a very smooth running and efficient series of events.  I do know that it started at 2:00PM, and all events and results were completed by about 4:30... With about webIMG_3842.jpg (5569 bytes)147 people  entered for the day, this is quite remarkable isn't it? To run that many events, in that short a time. 

Once again, dozens of helpers, stewards, judges, and other volunteers make this thing happen.  Len Leroux (photo on the right) and his crew(s) do a great job. I can't say thanks enough (can I?)

BTW - I have photos like this of each member of the BCPA Board of Directors. These photos will be added to the BCPA web site...... in the fullness of time (as they say..when I find it.. Time I mean)..

The BCPA Professional Piping Knockouts first round - a new venue, and one that should be only about 15 minutes from the Mini Gathering site.. but.. um.. we got quite lost.. And to make matters worse....  the Grade One piping winner (amazing.. because this was her first time in the grade.. Daughter Liz) was expected to perform before the Pros started, and Daughter Alison was in the first Pro pairing of the evening.. Well..... we were 40 minutes later that we planned.. but..  to make it short - we got there.  The map we used had a big problem (oops).. Oh well..

webIMG_3940.jpg (23115 bytes)

In the photo above, X marks the starting spot - when the Pro is ready to begin (with a 6/8 March on this evening) he / she stands at the X, and then their performance begins.

The evening started a bit later than the advertised 7:00 PM, in fact, the line of people waiting to pay to enter the hall was still quite long at 7:00.  Happily, although a bit tardy in starting, all events of the evening were completed by the promised 10:00PM.. it was an entertaining, and well organised evening.. Wonderful competition, with   lots of people.. I hope next moth is as well attended, because this was A LOT of fun.

I have many photos, and more than an hour of video.. Again, in time we'll be sharing a lot of entertaining stuff (I think).

The BCPA Grand Aggregate Awards presentations were held after the Pro Piping Knockout. These awards recognise the winners from the 2001 season - and once again I took dozens of photos - once again to be shared shortly. (Wow, I am writing that a lot.. I think I'll be busy, as soon as my body recovers from the day)

webIMG_3993.jpg (29137 bytes)

Above, for your viewing pleasure, is a collective photo of all the winners, with their trophies and hardware.

Whew... hundreds of photos (yep, carried away, again), 90 minutes or so of video.. I have a lot of fun things to do.. gotta go..

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